Sunday, April 26, 2020

Strawberry Patch will be Open on Wednesday, April 29 @ 7AM

There are LOADS of berries in the patch!  It's rivaling, if not exceeding the most berries we've ever had in the patch.  The warmer weather has allowed the strawberries in the back of the patch to ripen.  If you've been waiting for a day when the pickin' is easy, Wednesday morning is the time :-)

Due to limitations in the supply chain, we are not currently able to allow customers to take the baskets home.  Instead, we'll wash/sanitize them and re-use them until the next shipment arrives.  Here's the process: 

Please keep the bag in the basket until you walk back to the green tables near the gate.

Only 10 people allowed per picking section.  
There are multiple picking sections and they are well marked.  

 Plenty of berries in the field :-)

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