Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Patch Opens Today @ 9AM

Hello! We are opening at 9AM on Wednesday, April 22. If you arrive prior to 9AM, please stay in your car. This is in an effort to maintain social distancing. I will open the gate right at 9AM. How long we stay open will depend on picking conditions. I will continue to update Facebook in the morning to give you a better idea of when we'll be closing for the day. I would not encourage you to plan to arrive at the strawberry patch in the afternoon (especially if you are coming from far away), because we may be picked out by the time you arrive. The berries are $10/basket. We provide the baskets and the hand sanitizer. It's on the honor system, so be sure to have exact change (you drop it in the black box near where you pick up your baskets) or write a check, made out to Browder's Fresh Pickins. Here are a few reminders in light of COVID-19. Use hand sanitizer (provided) before entering the patch - it comes out fast, push slowly.
Only use the baskets provided (none from home).
Any baskets you use but don't end up filling/taking home, there will be a bin to place these 'dirty baskets.' Don't mix them with the new ones.
Practice social distancing at all times (at least 6 feet between people).
If you have gloves, bring them and use them.
If you have a mask, bring it and use it.
There can only be 10 people per picking section.
There are multiple picking sections and they are well marked. In the event that the number of people picking reaches the capacity of the patch, we will limit access to the patch to be sure that social distancing restrictions are maintained.
As always, thanks for your support!

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