Monday, March 25, 2013

200 Grafted Tomatoes and 13,000 Onions

  The above pictured tomato plant is actually 2 different tomato varieties that were spliced together.  Grafted tomatoes increase vigor and decrease pest problems such as nematodes.
We have already planted 200 grafted tomatoes in the greenhouse.  Maybe there will be beefsteak tomatoes by Memorial Day. 

That's where they got planted.
Lucy Approves

Just some of the 13,000 onions. 
Special thanks to Luke and Alexandra.

We've planted about
2,200 'Superstar' white onions,
4,400 'Red Candy Apple' red onions,
& 6,600 'Walla Walla' and 'Candy' sweet onions.   
(Should be ready by 4th of July)

Happy Easter! Lettuce Make Your Garden Grow

We've got a variety of lettuce transplants.

The greenhouse is nearly full.

Harvest fresh herbs in your kitchen with our "Italiano Herb Bowls" 

Thank You Virginia Tech Department of Horticulture


Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Future of Browder's Fresh Pickins

All in a days work!
Virginia State University supports small farms and families and I would like to sincerely thank them for their support.  Without Clif Slade and Virginia State University our plastic would not have been laid and our business would have suffered.  They are truly business incubators. 

This year we decided to try aluminized plastic which is extremely reflective.  Blinding in fact.  Because of this insects such as thrips become disoriented and cause fewer problems.  
Can you see yourself at Browder's Fresh Pickins?  Get it? 

Our Driving Force

We're driven by you!  Nana and Papa would be jealous.
This is a flower plug.  Specifically a Trixi 3-in-1 calibrachoa flower plug that gives 3 different colors in 1 hanging basket.  We are growing 300 diverse, supercool hanging baskets in even larger pots this year so you can have season-long showpieces.

We've got "Italiano" herb bowls for your culinary desires.

Elephant garlicprenuers we've got you covered.  That's right if you've never seen garlic growing, here it is in Smithfield, VA.

Our greenhouse is filling up and will soon be bursting at the seems.  Thanks to the Board of Supervisors....Browder's Fresh Pickins is the newest "Garden Center" in Isle of Wight County.

Dominican Republic Homecoming

I recently visited La Guama where I served 2 years in the Peace Corps in the Dominican Republic.  A couple of folks had died but everyone else was doing great and the agriculture was progressing.  I miss life there, but am happy to be home.   
Bartolo is the man.  Here he is wheelin and dealin on the phone in the greenhouse.  This is where I got the courage to start a business.

 Padre Juan helped to create a beautiful facility for visitors, worshipers, and locals to fellowship and this is a mural painted on the side showing some of our agricultural work.  Notice the greenhouse.

That's bananas!

This is my host mom Eddy and me.  She kept me healthy and sane. (and plump)

This is a small business created to help women out of poverty by employing them to turn peanuts into peanut butter and sell it locally.  Shout out to Jeff and Jeremy.

Greenhouse production

Slash and burn baby.