Sunday, May 16, 2021

OPEN Sunday, May 16th, 9AM - 5PM

It's the perfect day to come pick some strawberries!  We're open Sunday, May 16th until 5PM.  I picked some this morning for breakfast and had some extras, so I froze them for later.  Here's how we freeze strawberries: 

ProTip: Use a small measuring spoon to cap the berries - wastes almost no strawberry and even your littlest kitchen helpers can safely participate 😊. Shout out to Cousin Babs for teaching me that 🥰 

I just put it on a single layer of parchment paper and put in the freezer.  Tomorrow morning, I'll take them out and put them into a ziplock bag.  They'll keep for 6-12 months in the freezer, but we always eat ours up way quicker than that.  They're perfect for strawberry smoothies - our favorite yummy treat on a hot summer day 🍓🍓

PS - I picked these berries in the back patch, right side (Ruby Junes).  The ends of the rows have LOADS of berries on them 🙂

We're at 14489 Bethel Church Lane, Smithfield, VA 23430.  U-pick strawberries are $10/basket, cash or check only.  We provide the picking containers.  Thanks for pickin' us!

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