Saturday, April 13, 2019

Stawberry Patch is open for 2019!

As of Sunday, April 14th at 7am we will be open for strawberry picking.  The patch is a little muddy seeing as we got 0.9 inches on Saturday, but there are zillions of large, sweet 'Sweet Charlie' strawberries.  And with the sandy land we have, it will be dry as a bone in no time.  Yes it's early, but it was a mild winter and the berries knew it and decided to come early.  Having frost blankets on them for several weeks helped speed up the ripening too.  This has got the be the best crop I've ever grown.  Come see for yourself. 

We will be open from 7am to 7pm, 7 days per weeks from now on rain or shine.  Tons of berries.  Amanda and Jake take great prides in keeping a clean strawberry patch.  This means the row middles have been mowed, there isn't tall grass or weeds in your way, and this makes for a more pleasant picking experience.  We are open practically all the time so you can come and bring the family when it's convenient to you. 

Price is $10/basket.  We supply the basket for free.  (It holds 4 or 5 lbs.)  U-pick only at the farm.  There will be pre-picked berries sold by the lb. at the Smithfield Farmer's Market in downtown Smithfield on Saturday mornings. 

I hope you enjoy yourself and get all the delicious berries you want.

Some ideas you can make are:
strawberries and whipped cream
homemade strawberry ice cream
strawberry popsicles
chocolate covered strawberries
strawberries on top of Belgian waffles
fruit salad
strawberry jam

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  1. You folks have the best berries and the best story. Keep up the great work!!!