Monday, September 18, 2017

Sweet Potatoes!

It's hard to believe that fall is just around the corner!  We're looking forward to the cooler weather & sweet potatoes!!

We've been digging up the sweet potatoes around the clock the past couple of days and the yield is phenomenal!  Interested in a box or two?  They'll be ready within the next few weeks.  It takes some time for them to be cured, graded, and boxed.

The price this year is only $20 per 40 lb. box - that's a deal!  The variety that we grow is called 'Covington,' the same variety that we grew last year.  If stored in a dry, dark area, (and above 55 degrees F) the potatoes will keep all the way until next summer...if they aren't gobbled up over the holidays this year :-) 

If you are interested in sweet potatoes, please click on the following link to make your pre-order.  We’ll e-mail you with pick up details when the potatoes are ready. 

Spread the word to your friends and family.  If you know anyone in organizations such as fire departments, PTA's, Scouts, restaurants, church groups, athletic organizations, etc. who may be interested in boxes, send them the link.  Also, feel free to post the pre-order link on your social media accounts. 

Other exciting news:
We're planting 7,500 strawberry plants (half acre) this week.  The berries will be ripe for the pickin in the Spring.

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