Monday, June 10, 2013

Home-grown, vine-ripened tomatoes are ready

We're blessed to have a bountiful crop of fresh, beautiful, and delicious crops.
Are we making you hungry yet? 
Fried green tomatoes vs. beefy red tomatoes. 

Aaaaah, look at those gorgeous fitted tablecloths. 
 Coming soon to a theatre near you....Red Candy Apple Onions!
Squash out hunger. 
Home base at Browder's Fresh Pickins
Local tomatoes already...and it's only June 10th.
We had to celebrate the 1st annual elephant garlic harvest and it was a HUGE event.
Get a grip, that's a big head.
It will take a week to cure, but look on the bright side. 
There will be fewer vampires in line at the golf course.
What am I?
The sweet potato crop has been planted and christened with about 5 inches of rain. 

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