Monday, March 25, 2013

200 Grafted Tomatoes and 13,000 Onions

  The above pictured tomato plant is actually 2 different tomato varieties that were spliced together.  Grafted tomatoes increase vigor and decrease pest problems such as nematodes.
We have already planted 200 grafted tomatoes in the greenhouse.  Maybe there will be beefsteak tomatoes by Memorial Day. 

That's where they got planted.
Lucy Approves

Just some of the 13,000 onions. 
Special thanks to Luke and Alexandra.

We've planted about
2,200 'Superstar' white onions,
4,400 'Red Candy Apple' red onions,
& 6,600 'Walla Walla' and 'Candy' sweet onions.   
(Should be ready by 4th of July)

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