Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Thank You Virginia State University!

I would like to give a special thanks to Clif Slade and Virginia State University for installing 12 rows or roughly 3500 square feet of plastic and irrigation.  Clif brought out a tractor, plastic layer, and two extremely knowledgable professionals to install the plastic and within a matter of hours it was done. 

Last year Amanda and I installed the same amount of plastic by hand but it took over a hundred hours.  This year it took two hours.  This has free'd up days of labor to spend on high tunnel production, seeding, and market development. 

Thank you once again Clif and VSU. 
Here is a video of the plastic layer in action.

The plastic layer installs 2 lines of drip tape irrigation underneath of the plastic as it goes. 

Half of the plastic is white and half is black.  The black will be used to heat the soil for early vegetable planting.  Vegetables that don't like their roots to get to hot will be planted on white plastic.  I will also be able to do experiments on each. 

Shout out to Michael, Charlie, Coon Dog, and Kilby!

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  1. Now that is trick... ya'll have a nice set up there!