Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sun Gold Cherry Tomato Salsa Recipe

Makes 3 ½ cups

·         3 cups Sungold cherry tomatoes
·         1 small red or yellow onion, diced
·         1 bunch basil or cilantro
·         1 clove garlic, minced
·         7 jalapenos
·         Juice of 1 lime
·         Salt to taste
·         Drizzle of honey

Mix everything together, starting with the lime juice and jalapeno. Add more salt, spice or lime as needed.

·         Add a bit of chopped oregano to add an earthy taste
·         Substitute lemon juice or vinegar for the lime
·         Add 1 small diced sweet pepper for crunch
·         Crush a handful of blueberries and add to the salsa for some additional sweetness
·         Roast one small egg plant, dice and add to the mix for a creamier texture

Serve with tacos, chips, quesadillas, beans and rice, pan-fried potatoes or anything else you’d normally pair with a chunky, sweet salsa.

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