Monday, July 18, 2011



  1. I enjoy gardening & would like your advice. Your produce looks great!
    1) My yellow squash did terrible--probably that boring bug. Any suggestions for next year?
    2) Where's a good place to buy seed? My favorite corn--How Sweet It Is--was outrageously priced.
    Garden Man

  2. Hey Garden Man,

    On your yellow squash, try spraying an organic insecticide such as Neem, Dipel, or Entrust. Entrust will work the best, but it's expensive.

    We like to buy our seed from Twilley. They've got a good selection and fair prices. Here is their website: The price for "How Sweet It Is"...for 1/4 lb. seed is $6.30. For 1/2 lb, it is $9.65...for 1 lb, it is $16.40...and so on.

    Hope that helps :)
    ~Browder's Fresh Pickins