Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spring is Here!

Time to get that garden started!  We've got just what you need to grow your own fresh produce right in your own back yard.

Right now, we've got lots of vegetable and flower transplants to choose from:

Allysum Flowers
Black Eyed Susan Flowers
Geranium Flowers
Mozzarella Basil
Petunia Flowers
Portulaca Flowers
Snapdragon Flowers
Tomato (3 Varieties!)
Yellow Squash
Zinnia Flowers

...and more!

And if fresh, delicious eggs are what looking for, we've got you covered!  Our ladies are rotationally grazed on fresh grass/insects & vegetarian-only food.  Of course, they aren't given any antibiotics or hormones.  Our "Rainbow Layer Mix" of hens lay eggs that are shades of brown, pink, green, blue, and white.  

We even have some produce ready for your table.  We've produced lettuce, spinach, beets, raddishes, and zucchini squash already.  As the temperatures continue to warm, we'll have plenty more to add to that list!!

So, if you're interested in adding more nutrition into your diet, stop by our place.  Some inventory is sure to sell out - come early!  First come, first served!  We're located in Smithfield near the Route 10 overpass (dirt road off Great Springs Road near Cypress Creek).  Most of the time on the weekends the sign is out near the road.  E-mail us for more information at if you are interested.  Or, stop by our tent at the next Farmer's Market in Smithfield on Saturday.  See ya there!


  1. Fantastic!!!!! Keep up the good work and enhance with a picture of the "Browder Team".


  2. Thanks for the new pictures, Amanda!!!!

  3. Like the new pictures and T-shirts!

  4. You guys are tooooo cool, keep up the good work.
    I really like the CUKES and ZUCs
    Thanks a Lot.....Best fresh veggies in the area, hands down.

  5. Looks like you may have learned a few things on the farm in Brunswick besides enjoying Brunswick Stew. Hokie Tech only honed the skills for both of you. Smithfield Ham and Brunswick Stew are a good match for Virginia Home Grown.

    B. Browder