Coastal Farms

Browder's Fresh Pickins is proud to be part of a year-round, online farmer's market that serves the entire Hampton Roads area. 

Coastal Farms - Variety & Convenience

Ever want to buy fresh local produce, but are too busy on Saturday mornings to get to the Farmer's Market?  Well Coastal Farms is for you!  It's an online Farmer's Market, serving the entire Hampton Roads area.  The variety of goods you will find on this website is amazing!  We are proud to be a part of Coastal Farms.  Their website has a plethora of information, and this is just a bit from the "About Us" page: 

"Coastal Farms is a Virginia Limited Liability Corporation affiliated with LuLu's Local Food, which started in the fall of 2008. Coastal Farms was started in an effort to connect family owned and operated farms serving the Hampton Roads area with local customers in search of farm fresh foods and products year round. Our early season, starting spring 2010 will be offering a wonderful line of locally produced food and products to our founding family members.

Coastal Farms on-line co-op is a one stop shopping program for quality local food and products ordered from the comfort of your home. Now you can shop for heritage breed beef, lamb, pork and poultry, artisan goat cheeses and an amazing list of heirloom quality local produce only before available to local chefs. We are also pleased to offer an assortment of farm products, such as, cut flowers, goats milk soap, and wool roving ready for spinning!

Concerned about the disappearance of family owned farms in Virginia, Lulu's Local Food founder Molly Harris, developed a system to bring naturally grown products to families and households efficiently, conveniently and cost effectively. In early 2009, Molly brought together a small group of system and process specialists, also Virginians, to help her automate the weekly cycle system and bring to Virginia. Coastal Farms owners Mel and Kim Atkinson are thrilled to bring this unique program first developed in Richmond to our beloved Hampton Roads community.

You will know our system is working when you see frequent changes in products and limited quantities. In other words, everything should not be available all the time. If you are buying bell peppers in December or apricots in March then chances are you're not buying Virginia, naturally grown, products. But when products are available through Coastal Farms, they are in season, Virginia Grown, natural and delicious."

Your fresh pickins will be delivered to one of 15 convenient locations, already bagged up with your name on it!

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